Cağaloğlu Anadolu Lisesi 2018 MUN Conference

Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Visitor,

As the Secretary-General of CALMUN'18, I couldn't be prouder and happier to welcome and invite you to the third annual session of Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School Model United Nations 2018, which will be held between 2nd and 5th June 2018. Located in the Historical Peninsula, Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School is one of the most entrenched high schools in Istanbul and Turkey and the whole CALMUN'18 Team worked day and night to bring this conference to you.

This year's CALMUN consists of 6 committees wichh will be suitable for MUNers of every level. Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) will be the perfect committee for those who are new to the MUN society. The delegates will be discussing the ammunition in the polar regions and tackle the independence movements of Scotland. The Delegates of International Labour Organization (ILO) will try to deal with the ongoing problem of forced labour and create the perfect environment for the workers all around the world by reshaping their rights. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be deliberating whether the usage of the nuclear energy could be harmless and reconsider Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear Program and the parameters for it. The delegates of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be addressing the issue of the cooperation between the Asian countries. Being one of the most important organs and the only body of the United Nations that has the power to decide, the Security Council will have the mission to defuse the tension in the Southern Chinese Sea. In the Joint Crisis Committee, which is known to be the most challenging committee of all, the representatives will have the opportunity to re-live the past and reshape the future. Parties of the Crimean War (1853-56) will try to gain victory with the help of their strategic skills and sensibilities.

We, as the CALMUN'18 Family, promise that you will have the most unforgettable memories, meet new people who will become a member of your family and widen your world. Once again, on behalf of the Academic and Organization Team, I invite you to join our family. We are looking forward to seeing you among us.

Kindest regards,
Merve Erdoğan
Secretary-General of CALMUN