The fourth committee of the General Assembly, Specpol (Special Political and Decolonization Committee), deals with the variety of issues such as Palestinian refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, mine action, outer space. Its authority mainly includes the political issues inside and outside of the World. The Arctic is defined as the region above the Arctic Circle, is the region with highest armament rivalry that has been seen after the Cold War days because of its rich oil and gas reserved which attracts US and Russian governments and six border neighbours (Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland). The measurements should be taken by UN before that armament rivalry gets out of control. Scotland was intended to gain independence from the UK, since the Early Middle Ages. Especially, after the Brexit decision of UK, Scotland’s request for independence seems to resurge. On the other hand, UK looks askance at the issue. Scottish government believes that, without the UK, Scotland would be one of the world's richest countries. However, is it painless to sever the hundreds of years of connection? What will be the outcomes of the independence? What is the legitimacy of the independence request? How will the intergovernmental relations rebuild? Various questions are waiting to be answered.

Agenda items:

  1. Emphasising the future territorial disputes and possible precautions while considering the geopolitical value of the Arctic Region.
  2. Examining the legitimacy of the independence demand of Scotland and future impacts of the independence movement.