General Information

CALMUN 2017 is a simulation of the actual practices of the United Nations. In other words, schools and individual participants are given countries and allocated to different committees. The duties of delegates are to represent their countries according to their actual policies as to discuss and seek solutions in order to create efficient resolutions for the issues that the committee has on the agenda.


CALMUN 2017 will take place in Cağaloğlu Anadolu Lisesi

Conference Procedure

The delegates shall start doing their research based on the study guides about the agenda items of the committees they’ve been allocated to, before the conference begins and shall prepare a one-page long document stating their policies and position. The position papers shall be sent to the committee directors via e-mail one week before the conference.

During the Conference the delegates discuss upon their agenda items and form groups in their committees. The debates will be moderated by the committee directors. The delegate’s duty is to prepare efficient resolution factsheets at the end of the four days. The UN General Assembly Committees will proceed with the THIMUN procedure, while the special committees (NATO, JCC and UNESCO) proceed with the HarvardMUN format.

After the Conference

CALMUN team values progression afterwards to assure the efficiency of the conference. In order to do so;

1. Resolutions which have been formed during the conference will be sent to all delegates via e-mail,

2. Documents will be sent to related foundations (UN, UNICEF etc.) as suggestions,

3. Necessary support will be provided by our team to achieve realistic suggestion that have been made during the conference and written on the resolutions.


Cagaloglu Anadolu Lisesi
13 Bab-i Ali Street
Fatih, İstanbul 34110