Joint Crisis Committee

Cuban Missile Crisis
The Joint Crisis Committees are the most difficult to contribute, yet the most enjoyable by far. Pleasant tones of diplomacy and the ritual raising of placards are replaced with fast-paced decision making and quick-witted action against the ideological enemy. Instead of traditional resolution papers, directives tackling the crisis at hand must be passed to ensure the success of your side. These directives immediately affect the ceaseless crisis at hand, providing for an unpredictable yet thrilling experience.
In CALMUN 2017, the JCC will take place in 1962 and the delegates will be expected to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis. As the academic team of this conference, we highly recommend the delegates to carefully examine their guide and conduct further extensive research, while bearing the controversial and historical environment of this issue in mind. This committee is recommended to experienced to highly experienced delegates.

Responsible Under-Secretary-General : Naz Tarım

Committee Director(USA) : Emir Funes:

Committee Director(USA) : İrem Sare Uzunal:

Committee Director(USSR) : Tibet Seheri

Committee Director(USSR) : Emre Arlı:


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