North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (or North Atlantic Alliance) was formed as an intergovernmental military organization in Washington on April 4th 1949 and has since served the essential purpose of safeguarding the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. Today, the North Atlantic Treaty remains signed by 28 member states which agreed that any external attack shall be considered as an attack on all members and if such an attack occurs, to stand united against the potential threat.

In September 1948, motivated by the Soviet Berlin Blockade, Western European Union's Defence Organization was formed after the Treaty of Brussels, which was signed by Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and UK. However, with the participation of the US, both to counter the military power of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) and to prevent the revival of nationalist militarism, it seemed necessary to sign another treaty, which later became to be the North Atlantic Treaty. Until the Korean War that broke out in June 1950, NATO was nothing more than a political association. Later on, due to the war, NATO’s military structure was built up under the direction of two United States supreme commanders.

In the past 20 years NATO has adopted a broader approach to security, due to large-scale terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Furthermore, in 2010 all NATO members agreed on a strategic concept called "Active Engagement, Modern Defence" that is seemingly more effective than the previous strategies. This year, under the engrossing concept of outer-space, NATO faces an arms race potentially followed by dispute between the nations of Earth

As the Academic Team of CALMUN 2017, we recommend this committee to intermediate to advanced delegates.

Agenda Item:
Preventing an Arms Race in Space

Responsible Under-Secretary-General : Hevi Gokdemir

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