Special Political and Decolonization Committee
The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (referred as SPECPOL) is the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly.When the United Nations declared 1990-2000 as the “International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism” in 1990, SPECPOL was created in order to deal with issues related to non-self governing territories and trusteeship. This was particularly important, considering that, at the time of the United Nation’s creation, 750 million people lived in what would be considered a colonized territory. Since the end of the trusteeship system, the committee has been dealing with various topics regarding international politics, which include decolonization related issues, peacekeeping, human rights, and due to recent technological development, outer space.

Agenda Item 1:
The Territorialization and Colonization of Outer Space
Agenda Item 2:
Cyberterrorism and the Law of Cyberspace
As the Academic Team of CALMUN 2017, we recommend this committee to beginner to intermediate delegates.

Committee Director : Irem Canim - canirem1401@gmail.com

Committee Director :Emre Ersoy - emreersoytedege@gmail.com


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