DISEC (General Assembly 1)


  1. The Role of Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC's) in armed conflict
  2. Establishing safety guidelines for Al usage and data protection

The role of private military and security companies (PMSC’s) in armed conflict

PMSCs are private companies that give armed security service. After PMSCs taking part in such occasions as crises in Iraq and Afghanistan, these organizations have created many ongoing controversies. The biggest issue related to PMSCs remains as the issue of private military contractors not being defined traditionally as the “mercenary”, instead as “armed civilians”, therefore, the current international law cannot be used directly on PMSCs. Given this situation, what can the UN do in cases of legally defining and recognizing these companies?
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Establishing safety guidelines for AI usage and data protection

With an estimated 7,000 - 13,500 billion dollars per year worth of economic impact, AI technology has become one of the most important investments for developed countries. Given that concerns remain on the implications for privacy and liability of the technology and taking into account the increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks due to the lack of needed privacy safety measurements, what steps should be taken to ensure international security and stability in cyberspace, and the industries across the world ethically use the AI?
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