Historical Committee (Caesar's Civil War JCC)

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In 49 BC; proconsul Gaius Julius Caesar, conqueror of Gaul, rose up in defiance to the authority of the Roman Senate - after a dispute over the legitimacy of his past legislations led to threats of persecution. Before he crossed the Rubicon River with the 13th legion in his command, ancient historian Suetonius claims him quote a famous play in Greek:
Alea iacta est
"The die is cast"
The ensuing politico-military conflict, today known as Caesar's Civil War, happened to be one of the most significant turning points in the history of Rome, and possibly the history of the world. In CALMUN 2022, we will be going back to Ancient Rome to relive one of the defining moments of the late republic, as you take on the roles of some of the most distinguished Roman statesmen of the time. Divided between the followers of two famous generals, Julius Caesar and Pompey Magnus, you will have the choice to fight for the preservation of the SPQR or bring about your own personal rule in Rome.
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