Parlement Français


  1. Reorientation of Economic Policy
  2. Question of Nuclear Energy

Reorientation of Economic Policy

The French Republic has always been the center of new and modern ideals, these ideals including economical strategies. France has the second biggest economy in the EU, followed by Germany, but subjectively has a greater economic strategy as a result of having many resources besides industrial ones or incomes from automotive sectors. However, a strong fuzziness was met between the years 2012 and 2014 in the French economy, leaving the politicians in doubt. The French Parliament will try to detect the main issues and find the best solutions regarding this situation.
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Question of Nuclear Energy

After the Fukushima disaster and the nuclear reactors in the country nearing their 40-year lifespan, the French government decides on new regulations regarding its nuclear energy production in the future. Considering the government’s plan on not to build any new nuclear reactors after the construction of Flamanville 3 in 2022, limiting the nuclear energy usage down to %50 by 2025 (later postponing to 2030 or 2035) and under the shadow of renewable energy resources, the Parlament Français will try to make the best decisions for the country’s energy production activities.
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