SPECPOL (General Assembly 4)


  1. Defining current and possible problems that non-citizens encounter around the world
  2. Water Crisis in Central Asia

Defining current possible problems that non-citizens encounter around the world

Statelessness is the situation of an individual not being a national of a recognized state. Individuals who are facing this issue are known as “non-nationals'' or “stateless people”. Statelessness could be caused by several situations and could also cause several consequences affecting both the States and non-nationals. With non-nationals not being able to acquire their basic needs and not having their basic human rights, what can the UN do in order to put an end to the non-national problem, secure the non-nationals and make sure that they will be able to reach out to their basic needs and rights?
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Water crisis in central Asia

After 80 years of the strict rule of the almighty Soviet Union, Central Asia is in Chaos and despair. The struggle between the leading forces in the region has caused never-ending conflicts, ecological crises, and much more troubles that seek UN attention and our delegates' problem-solving talents.
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